Praise for HOUSE CALL:  

“Any reader will be spell-bound and fascinated.”– Gayden Metcalfe, New York Times bestselling author (with Charlotte Hays) of Being Dead is No Excuse
“North writes about what he knows best and captures the hectic, stress-filled environment (of medicine) driven by drama.”– The Clarion Ledger, Susan O’Bryan
“… a suspenseful ride striking up feelings of fear, sadness, joy, and shock.” – Delta Magazine, Denise Grones
“Extraordinary and accurate descriptions … make the medical thriller realistic … the ‘truth’ of medical fiction.” – Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association, Lucius Lampton, MD, Editor
“tension-filled story … surprising conclusion … House Call  is a murder mystery from the ‘get-go.’ Darden North, MD, may become to the medical mystery genre what Grisham is to the legal thriller.” – Bluffs and Bayous Magazine, Mary Emrick

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by Darden North

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